Control Panel

This state of the art panel is brought to you by 2gig. The Go! Control Control Panel’s intuitive, touch screen gives it a sleeker appearance and makes it much more user friendly. Easy access from your computer or web-enabled phone makes The Go! Control Control security panel a hot commodity.


The innovative Lynx panel is brought to you by Honeywell. The lynx is capable of being wireless system, reducing the amount of wires, holes, and other blemishes that come with security systems. The Lynx can support the Two-way voice and cellular capabilities to which most residential alarms are evolving.

Simon XT Panel

Manufactured by GE, the Simon XT Panel brings technology and ease together. The Simon XT comes with an easy to read LCD screen and remote control options. The Panel is equipped with a backup battery, single button arming options, chime aspect, built-in siren, and many other features to increase the security of your home. 

Solar Lit Signs

Designed to withstand rain, snow, and sun, our solar panel light is your homes’ first line of defense. The solar panel light attaches to your SAPS sign, making it visible at night. Potential burglars will think twice before entering a home equipped with a SAPS alarm system.

Door/ Window Sensors

Our sensors protect the outer layer of your home, the perimeter doors, and windows. The “chime” feature allows parents to know when their children are entering and/or exiting the home. The sensors wireless technology minimizes the installation time, and eliminates the damage done to your home. The tamper-proof sensor simply mounts to the frame. 

Motion Detector

Motion detectors are an effective way to protect your house when you’re not home. Motion Detectors are placed in high traffic areas and can detect motion from an unwanted source and alert the system.

Smoke Detector

The smoke detector will ultimately save lives, and limit property damage in the case of a fire. The Smoke Detector will identify smoke and sound its alarms, immediately alerting the proper authorities.

Carbon Monoxide Detector 

Carbon Monoxide, also known as CO, is a silent but deadly gas capable of killing. The Carbon Monoxide Detector will sense and alert you of Carbon Monoxide well before it becomes a dangerous.

Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Sensors detect the breaking of glass, working well in homes with multiple windows. 

Key Fob 

This product is the king of convenience, allowing you to arm and/or disarm your security system with a push of a button from outside your home. The Key Fob works in exactly the same way as keyless car entry.  

Medical Pendant 

The Medical Pendant is perfect for customer with medical needs. The Pendant will immediately notify medical authorities to dispatch an ambulance. The Medical Pedant is ideal for older people who need a quick and easy way to contact help.



Security Monitoring


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