GE is world renowned and one of the most recognized companies in the world. No one becomes that well known without sound products and great customer satisfaction. As a result, we have decided to team up and offer GE’s highly technical yet user-friendly products.
  Honeywell is a seasoned veteran in manufacturing home security products and has been doing so for years. Since they have been a staple in the business and many people look to upgrade their systems, SAPS has formed a partnership with Honeywell. Instead of ripping out a preexisting Honeywell system we can replace and build around them.
  We work with All American Monitoring to furnish your home with the best monitoring available. Homeowners are able to gain peace of mind with a 24/7, professionally monitored system.
  We have decided to partner up with to bring the newest tools to our customers. supplies us with cellular capabilities. Security systems no longer rely on phone lines to send emergency signals to the call center operator. Security systems now use cell towers to send and receive emergency signals.



Security Monitoring


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